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The Economy: Reagan vs. Obama

Jan 302015
Barack Obama puts us in greater jeopardy

[FloppingAces.net] Barack Obama is a liar. That we know- it’s a given. All of his statements have an expiration date and whatever he says, the opposite is true (DrJohn’s Law).

As his lies pile up, the ramifications are becoming dangerous to the US, especially with regard to foreign policy.

Yesterday the White House asserted that the Taliban was not a terrorist group: The White House today said that the Taliban is not a terror group, but rather an “armed insurgency.”

Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz responded to a question about whether Jordan’s plan to make a prisoner trade with ISIS was similar to the U.S. swapping five Taliban members for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

First, Schultz said that the U.S. doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Then he said, “I don’t think that the Taliban … the Taliban is an armed insurgency.”

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Jan 302015
Mitt Romney: I Won't Run in 2016

[Newsmax.com] After a three-week flirtation with a new campaign for the White House, Mitt Romney announced Friday that he will not seek the presidency in 2016.

“After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” Romney told supporters on a conference call.

Romney’s exit comes after several of his former major donors and a veteran staffer in the early voting state of Iowa defected to support former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

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Jan 292015
Scott Walker, Presumptive 2016 Favorite

[RedState.com] Forget what the polls say. Polls this far out are notoriously worthless in predicting Presidential nominees. Right now Scott Walker is sitting in the catbird’s seat for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.

Virtually everyone who is contemplating running for President in 2016 or who has ever contemplated running for President in their life went to Iowa last weekend but unless you were a regular reader of RedState you would have no idea that anyone other than Scott Walker delivered a speech. This is just one indication of how thoroughly and completely Walker has stolen the early show from the other nominees and sucked all the oxygen from the room.

But Walker’s domination of the first 2016 cattle call isn’t the reason that he has to be considered the favorite right now. The simple fact is that Walker is the only candidate in the field who has already won what could be considered two national elections.

Jan 292015
Savaging Prime Time: ABC Orders Comedy Based on Gay Sex Provocateur

[Newsbusters.org] Editor’s note: This article contains profanity and graphic sexual language.

At the same time that NBC is filming an Ellen Degeneres-produced comedy about “a single gay woman who expands her family with the help of her straight best friend,” ABC has it’s own gay sitcom in tow. But unlike the mild DeGeneres, ABC has bizarrely chosen vile sex columnist Dan Savage to be the subject of a sitcom in the Fall 2015 lineup. This is the same man who was promoting his annual pornography film festival “Hump!” (Yes, you read that right) all last year.

That’s not everything you need to know about Savage. Besides hosting a podcast and writing a sex advice column for Portland’s alternative weekly, “The Stranger,” Savage is a militant gay activist who uses the column and Twitter to bully and harass Christians and conservatives. He famously named the byproduct of anal sex “Santorum,” because then-Senator Rick Santorum had made a comment Savage didn’t like. Further, he said he wished he could have “hate sex” with the former Senator:

“I sometimes think about fu**ing the sh** out of Rick Santorum. Because I think he needs it…Like, let’s bone that Santorum boy. I’m up for whipping up some santorum in Santorum.”

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Jan 292015
AG Nominee Lynch: Illegal Aliens Have ‘The Right’ to Work In U.S.

[CNSNews.com] – Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s nominee to be attorney general, told the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday in her confirmation hearing that illegal aliens have “the right” to work in the United States.

Lynch, who is currently the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, also declined to directly answer the question of whether as attorney general she would take action against an employer who discriminated in favor of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents by hiring them in preference to illegal aliens.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) asked Lynch “who has more right to a job in this country,” citizens and legal permanent residents or illegal aliens?
“I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here,” Lynch responded. –Read More…

Jan 282015
Obamacare Could Affect Up to 29 Percent of Taxpayers

[Newsmax.com] The Obama administration estimates that up to 29 percent of U.S. taxpayers could have to take the law known as Obamacare into account as they complete their 2014 income tax returns, officials said on Wednesday.

Two to 4 percent are expected to pay a penalty for failing to obtain health coverage last year under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to official estimates.

Treasury and healthcare officials told reporters that 3 percent to 5 percent could have to reconcile the federal subsidies they received to help pay for health coverage in 2014, if fluctuations in their income led them to receive too much or too little assistance.

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Jan 272015
Democrat Caucus Chair Won’t Say if Unborn Baby at 20 Weeks is ‘Human Being’

[CNSNews.com] Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, would not directly answer when asked the yes-no question of whether an unborn child 20 weeks into pregnancy is a human being.

At the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, Jan. 27, CNSNews.com asked the congressman, “Do you think an unborn child 20 weeks into pregnancy is a human being?”

Becerra said, “You know my wife’s an OB/GYN, and I know having watched as we raise our three daughters, there is no one who knows more about what’s in the best interest of a child than the mother — and I say that as a very proud father and I have total faith when my wife makes a decision. She does it in the best interest of her family and her kids and obviously me as well.”

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Jan 272015
Koch Brothers Budget $889 Million for 2016

[Newsmax.com] Freedom Partners, the political operation run by the Koch brothers, has budgeted $889 million for its political activities in the 2016 election, donors were told at the group’s meeting in California over the weekend.The Washington Post reports that the move is part of a strategy to build on its 2014 victories that may include getting involved in the Republican primaries.

The Koch-backed group’s budget would rival the $1 billion that each of the two major parties expects to spend on 2016, making it a significant political force.

The money for 2016’s presidential and congressional races more than doubles the $407 million that the 17 groups funded by Freedom Partners spent on 2012’s elections, the Post reported. Freedom Partners-funded groups include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and several tea party organizations.

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Jan 262015
Rick Perry’s Texas responsible for US job creation

[Townhall.com] Obama’s media bootlicks have been pushing a story for weeks, if not longer, about the huge success of Obama’s job creation record and sniveling about how the stupid Americans and vicious, racist right-wingers won’t give him credit. For instance, inveterate Obama fluffer, Michael Tomasky, writing at The Daily Beast:

And what about Obama’s numbers? I’d betting that even if you’re an Obama partisan, you think they’re not all that different from Bush’s. After all, 2009 was miserable: minus 798,000, minus 701,000, minus 826,000, and so on. The numbers went into the black in early 2010, but dipped back into the red in the summer. But remember, since October 2010, every report has been positive—the now 45 straight months of job growth that the president and his team, to little avail, crow about.

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Jan 262015
Islamic State group pushed out of Syria's Kobani

[FoxNews.com] BEIRUT – Kurdish fighters backed by intense U.S.-led airstrikes pushed the Islamic State group entirely out of a key Syrian town on Monday, marking a major defeat for the extremists whose hopes for an easy victory when they pushed into Kobani last year dissolved into a bloody, costly and months-long siege.

As their victory neared, the Kurdish troops earlier in the day raised their flag on a hill overlooking the town just across the border with Turkey, replacing the Islamic State group’s black banner.

The battlefield success is a major conquest both for Syria’s embattled Kurds and the U.S.-led coalition, whose American coordinator had predicted that the Islamic State group would “impale itself” on Kobani. –Read More…

Jan 232015
A couple of reasons why Hillary Clinton will NEVER BE PRESIDENT

[DailyCaller] If you are wondering who the delectable young things are that Bill Clinton has latched onto like a lamprey eel, let me introduce you to “Barbie Girl” and “Ava Adora.” What do they do for a living? Barbie Girl starred in an HBO reality series called “Cathouse,” filmed at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada where she and Ava Adora are employees.

How does this matter?

Britain’s Prince Andrew is embroiled in a sex scandal. He has been accused of paying to have sex with a 17 year old girl (Thank God, I can say “girl”). The vendor for this service was a major Democrat donor and Clinton companion named Jeffrey Epstein… who is now a convicted sex offender. Now to Gawker which is doing the reporting your mainstream, Hillary-protecting media refuse to do.

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Jan 232015
Rubio says he is nearing decision on presidential run

[Personal Liberty Digest] WASHINGTON (TNS) — Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he is at the final stages of deciding whether to run for the Republican presidential nomination, telling reporters that he is aware the clock is running.

His wife and children are supportive of a run if he decides to make one, and he’s thought through what would be needed to win the race, the Florida senator told reporters at a breakfast session here sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

Now, “I’m down to the last decision — and I think the fundamental one — and that is, at this stage in my life, at this stage, where is the best place for me to serve the country,” he said. He would have to make a choice between a presidential race and seeking re-election to his Senate seat in 2016, he noted. –Read More…

Jan 222015
Reflections on Roe: When Margaret Sanger Spoke to the KKK

[American Spectator] As liberals excoriate Republican Congressman Steve Scalise for speaking to a group with a reported connection to David Duke, former KKK member, I’m reminded today—on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade—of a moment that liberals will never dare acknowledge: a 1926 speech to the KKK by one of their most revered ideological darlings, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

Unlike Scalise, Sanger did not unwittingly speak to a group with a link (direct or indirect) to the KKK through a member. No, Margaret knowingly went directly to the Real McCoy—straight to the dragon’s mouth. In May 1926, a hopeful spring day, this progressive icon, this liberal hero, this founding mother of one of liberalism’s most sacred organizations, Planned Parenthood, an organization that liberals demand we fund with tax dollars, went directly to a KKK meeting and spoke at length to the faithful.

There’s no excuse for not knowing that Sanger did this, other than the routine self-censorship and self-imposed ignorance that liberals excel at imposing on themselves. Sanger openly wrote about in her 1938 autobiography published by W.W. Norton, one of the leading New York publishing houses. –Read More…

Jan 222015
TV News Priorities: 68 Minutes for Under-Inflated Footballs, Mere Seconds for Obama's Release of Terrorists

[Newsbusters.org] The three major networks have, so far, devoted a staggering 67 minutes and 49 seconds to obsessing over every aspect of whether the New England Patriots cheated in their AFC championship win on Sunday. Yet, only ABC allowed a scant 34 seconds to the Obama administration’s release of five terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay and back to areas connected with extremist violence. The contrast is 120-to-1.

NBC was, by far, the most lopsided in terms of journalistic priorities. From Monday through early Thursday, the network’s morning and evening shows produced 33 minutes and 35 seconds to the so-called “Deflategate.” Last week, however, NBC didn’t offer any coverage to the release of five detainees, just seven days after the slaughter of cartoonists in Paris.

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Jan 212015
Obama is the main obstacle to economic growth

[HumanEvents.com] WASHINGTON — No matter what President Obama said about the state of our union Tuesday night, the economy’s prognosis is not good.

Who says so? A hefty majority of the American people in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll that sought their opinion about the economy’s health. Roughly six in 10 said it was “not so good” or “poor.”

Six years into Obama’s painfully slow recovery, jobs are hard to come by in many parts of the country and wages remain flat. Hourly earnings actually fell last month, the U.S. Labor Department reported last week. –Read More…

Jan 212015
Boehner invites Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran, after Obama veto threat

[FoxNews.com] House Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday he is inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress next month about the threat from Iran, in a sharp rebuke to President Obama.

Such invitations typically are coordinated with the White House and State Department, but this one was not. The House speaker’s office said Netanyahu will be invited to speak Feb. 11 before a joint session of Congress. The invitation comes as lawmakers weigh legislation, supported by Republicans and some Democrats, to tee up more sanctions against Iran in case negotiations fail to curtail the country’s nuclear enrichment program.

Obama vowed Tuesday during his State of the Union address to veto any such legislation. But Boehner signaled he wants Netanyahu to explain the stakes of the debate, as he pledged to press ahead with the legislation. –Read More…

Jan 202015
Was Martin Luther King Really A Conservative?

[DailyCaller.com] Dinesh D’Souza uncorked a Martin Luther King Day thought experiment. The conservative author wrote on Twitter that as “MLK was targeted by J. Edgar Hoover, an unsavory character; I was targeted by the equally unsavory B. Hussein Obama.”

D’Souza did not wind up writing a letter from a Birmingham jail. But his tweet does illustrate two wildly disparate conservative approaches to King. Many claim the slain civil rights leader for a variety of conservative causes. A smaller group is decidedly anti-King, basically taking J. Edgar Hoover’s side of the argument.

Just as liberals like to contrast the reasonable conservatives of yesteryear to the irresponsible maniacs they say dominate the GOP now (as if they liked Bill Buckley in his prime better than Ted Cruz), conservatives like to distinguish King from the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of today. –Read More…

Jan 202015
My Top 10 Resolutions for the New Congress (Parts 1 and 2)

[Townhall.com] With the 114th U.S. Congress having launched Jan. 3, it’s time we the people step up and hold our representatives’ political feet to the fire in order to see real, demonstrable change that will heal and improve our country, especially during these last two critical years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Here are my top 10 resolutions for the new Congress:

10) Reel in executive power and presidential orders.

I know that every president since the dawn of our republic has used executive orders. Theodore Roosevelt was the first to rack up over 1,000 during his nearly eight years in office. But it’s time to return our country to the true balance of power that existed when the Founding Fathers carved our country. All but one president (John Adams) among the first five presidents were in office for eight years, and the highest number of executive orders used by any of them was eight. That was George Washington. Thomas Jefferson used four, and Adams, James Madison and James Monroe used one each. –Read More…

Jan 192015
Federal Agencies Exceeding Their Authority, Over and Over Again

[American Spectator] Ultra vires. No, it’s not some dangerous infectious disease like Ebola. But, in a democracy it signals one of the most dangerous trends that threaten to disturb the delicate balance of powers crafted by our founding fathers.

“Ultra vires” is another of those Latin expressions lawyers use so frequently in lieu of plain English. It means “beyond the authority.” And, in this administration, there are all too many examples of federal agencies that have acted or attempted to act beyond the authority Congress has given them.

The NLRB’s proposed new rule for expedited union elections is just the latest example. The 733-page rule was finalized in December and will take effect on April 14. NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce said the rule is designed to ensure that the “representation process remains a model of fairness and efficiency for all.” The board’s two Republican members voted against it, calling it “the Mount Everest of regulations: massive in scale and unforgiving in its effect.” –Read More…

Jan 192015
State of the Union: Obama proposals show president on ‘offense’ despite GOP wave

[FoxNews.com] Does the State of the Union matter anymore?

From calls for more infrastructure spending to a free community college push to another tax hike scheme, the highlight reel from President Obama’s looming State of the Union address shows him charging into his final two years in office with little heed for the results of the midterms.

The Republican takeover of the Senate last November — and the party’s historic gains in the House — for a short time fueled speculation that the president might entertain a more conciliatory approach with Congress.

But within weeks, the president announced sweeping changes to immigration policy via executive action. Then, he vowed to veto a slew of bills from the new Congress, including one to undo those executive actions. And now, his State of the Union address leaves little doubt that Obama, as he told Senate Democrats last week, plans to play “offense” against the GOP-led Congress. –Read More…

Jan 172015
Firearms Sellers Say They’re Being Choked Off From Payment Processors

[DailySignal.com] Go to a gun show, and you won’t find many merchants using PayPal. You’ll also find few vendors using popular payment processors such as Square, Stripe and Spark Pay.

That’s because some payment processors explicitly prohibit the use of their systems for online — and some in-store — sales of firearms, ammunition and certain accessories.

Retailers in the gun industry say they’re being discriminated against. –Read More…

Jan 162015
Arrests in Belgium, France, Germany Amid ISIS-linked Terror Tensions

[Newsmax] The police raids came a day after Belgian police killed two people in a firefight and arrested a third, disrupting what they said was an imminent terrorist attack just a week after the siege in Paris.

In France, two people were taken into custody in connection with the Belgium plot.

Another 12 were being held by police in the Paris region and questioned about “possible logistical support,” such as weapons or vehicles, they may have lent to the three terrorists involved in the deadly attacks in Paris, the BBC News reported. –Read More…

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