Copenhagen Is The ‘Social Justice’ Moment


by Andrew Marcus

Did you know the environmental movement is not just about being a good steward of your environment so that you may, to the best of your ability, pass on an inhabitable planet to future generations? Nope.

It turns out that’s just the sweet sugary frosting on top of the social justice pie.

For a glimpse into the social(ist) justice ideology motivating the Progressive Global Warming Climate Change movement, take a look at the video below, produced by a community organization called smartMeme.

The video promotes turning Copenhagen into a moment for “ecological justice.” Some highlights include:

(:40) – Speaker: Jihan Gearon, “Water comes from somewhere. Your lights come from somewhere. Your shoes and clothes and stuff come from somewhere. We’re from a community where those things are taken.”

(1:10) – Graphic: “In July 2009, smartMeme convened leaders who are connecting climate change to social justice to strategize on framing the ‘Copenhagen moment’”

(1:16) – Unidentified speaker, “But then in Bali, that was where the climate justice theme really kind of exploded at the United Nations Climate conventions.”

(2:42) – Unidentified speaker, “Yes climate change is a global issue, but there are communities both in the ‘Global South’ and the ‘Global North’ that are disproportionately impacted by this issue.”

The green mask just keeps on peeling away, and it’s looking awfully red under there.

Predictably, there is a Soros connection to this group. From the bios of their Board of Directors:

Ilyse Hogue

Ilyse Hogue is the Communications Director for Before joining MoveOn, she spent seven years as a Program Director for the Rainforest Action Network, working to pressure Wall Street to institute environmental and social screens on lending and investment. She is a long time social change activist with extensive experience as a campaigner, communications strategist, organizer, trainer and well known commentator on issues of movement building, narrative, and online organizing. She is one of the co-founders of smartMeme Strategy and Training project and the founding Chair of the Board. Ilyse is currently on leave of absence from the board through the duration of the 2008 elections.

Also from their website, explaining what a smart Meme is:

The art of containerizing verbal, visual or written memes together to shape the perception of their meaning is known as framing. For example, the word “progressive” describes left-leaning politics by implying an improvement, and therefore suggesting that right-wing politics are a backwards step – a regression. Framing can be a powerful social change tool, particularly when combined with an understanding of memes – or how the story that is framed will spread and become memetic.

If you have been organized by an environmental group, and you are not a Marxist, chances are you’ve been politically Punked!


The Green Mask Is Being Peeled Away From The CO²mmunists – All Eyes Now On Copenhagen
EnvironMENTAL Illness!

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