Why immigration? What About the Oilbama Spill Crisis?

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Pamela Geller

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I am sitting here chuckling. Forgive me, but that has been my recent response when listening to Obama’s speechifying. I am somewhat surprised at my recent response to his outlandish rhetoric, but he makes such a mockery of his very words, of America, capitalism, etc… that he is, invariably, comical. I have come a long way from when I would listen with trepidation and fear for our nation, so under his spell was America. But he is a clown. And folks, if they listen, can’t help but see it.

I listen now to his speech on immigration, lecturing us, yet again, on what America is … as if he had a clue, his contempt for us is so palpable. As if he had any respect for American exceptionalism, individual rights, entrepreneurship, privacy… As if he had a clue as to why legal immigrants Obama_golf come here — to escape tyrants like him.

He is reciting Emma Lazarus’s poem  “The New Colossus,” which is engraved at the base of the statue of liberty, and he thinks is somehow making history — how can you not bust a gut? He prides himself on being post-American.

I understand why he must ram immigration through now. And why he is taking this on now after destroying the American healthcare system. He has no shot of re-election without an illegal base. It is his only motive, but I digress.

I want to know why the executive in chief has not been holed up in a war room 24 hours/7 days a week for the past 72 days with the finest scientific, oceanographic, energy, etc., minds, to solve the oil crisis.

This is a catastrophe of unfathomable proportions, the decades-long repercussions of which have not yet begun to be understood or calculated. Why isn’t Obama attached at the hip to BP executives and every oil specialist in such matters, working on the “leak” until it is fixed? Why weren’t the best brains in NASA brought in — as opposed to Obama’s redirecting their efforts to “help Muslim countries”?

What about the Gulf? What about those people, those communities? Whole swaths of coastline, entire towns, counties may face evacuation.

Why are the images being hidden from view? Why are folks prohibited from certain areas? Why isn’t there wall-to-wall on-scene coverage, as there was of the Valdez oil spill — which looks lilliputian next to this Obama disaster?

Why isn’t the President of the United States working on the problem 24/7? Why isn’t the President of the United States accepting help from the myriad offers from allied nations?

Where is the BP war room? And why isn’t the POTUS in it? We should not be subjected any more of his speechifying and verbal diarrhea until he orchestrates the solution to the gulf crisis.

Crimson has an excellent day-by-day timeline — go.

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