Liberals Should Stop Defending Barbara Boxers’ Racist Conduct

American Reality

October 21, 2010

By Jonathan Simeone

Until recently I had considered California Senator Barbara Boxer one of the better senators. Now, I believe it is time for the voters to send her back to California on a permanent basis.

A few days ago Boxer was chairing a Senate Committee hearing on environmental legislation. One of the witnesses was Harry Alford (President of the Black Chamber of Commerce). After Mr. Alford made his opening statement in opposition to the climate legislation being considered by Boxer’s committee the Senator began introducing statements of support for the legislation filed by predominantly black groups like the NAACP. In response, Mr. Alford accused Senator Boxer of being racial—a charge that I concur with.

Since watching this video of the exchange I have read several posts from liberal bloggers defending Boxer. In most instances, their defense of her conduct is based around her obvious right as the committee chair to introduce statements into the record. That is, of course, true. The problem with what Boxer did was not that she introduced letters from the NAACP and other African American organizations. The problem was that she did so right after an African American witness took a contrary position to the one held by the NAACP. The tone of Boxer’s voice coupled with her patronizing decision to introduce the statements of other African American organizations after Mr. Alford spoke left me believing that Mrs. Boxer was telling Mr. Alford that African Americans are supposed to support the climate bill, because all these other African American organizations are doing so. In short, her actions indicated that she was surprised that there is a difference of thought on this controversial bill between members of the African American Community.

When you add this disturbing incident that demonstrates just how out of touch Senator Boxer really is to her scolding of a member of the military for calling her “ma’mm” it is easy to see that Boxer’s day has come and gone. The people of California, a group that includes me, deserve senators who understand the impact their actions have on all people—not just those they personally identify with. Continuing to reelect someone to the Senate who has a patronizing view of racial minorities and openly shows contempt for members of our military will give California a bad name. At one time Barbara Boxer may have been a good representative of the people of California, but her recent public displays demonstrate that those days are over. (

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