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Japanese Nuclear Plant Starts Pumping Millions of Gallons of Radioactive Water Into Pacific

The pooling water has damaged systems and the radiation hazard has prevented workers from getting close enough to power up cooling systems needed to stabilize dangerously vulnerable fuel rods.

On Saturday, they discovered that some radioactive water was pouring into the ocean.

The less-radioactive water that officials are purposely dumping into the sea is up to 500 times the legal limit for radiation. Continue reading

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Report: 2 Qaddafi Sons Offer Plan to Oust Father

At least two sons of Muammar al-Qaddafi are reportedly proposing a resolution to the ongoing Libyan conflict that would push their father aside to make way for a transition to a constitutional democracy, a diplomat and a Libyan official said Sunday.

It’s not immediately clear whether Qaddafi, 68, backs the proposal by his sons, Seif and Saadi al-Qaddafi, although one person close to the son told the New York Times that the father appeared willing to go along with the plan. (FoxNews-NYT) Continue reading

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