Boehner Walks Out of Budget Talks with Obama


Posted Jul 22nd 2011 at 4:44 pm

by Publius

From the Associated Press:

House Speaker John Boehner abruptly broke off talks with President Barack Obama Friday night on a deal to cut federal spending and avert a threatened government default, sending compromise efforts into an instant crisis.

Within minutes, an obviously peeved Obama virtually ordered congressional leaders to the White House for a Saturday meeting on raising the nation’s debt limit. “We’ve got to get it done. It is not an option not to do it,” he declared.

For the first time since negotiations began, he declined to offer assurances, when asked, that default would be avoided. Moments later, however, he said he was confident of that outcome.

At a news conference of his own a short while later, Boehner said, “I want to be entirely clear. No one wants default.”

In a letter circulated earlier to the House Republican rank and file, said he had withdrawn from the talks with Obama because “in the end, we couldn’t connect.”

He said the president wanted to raise taxes, and was reluctant to agree to cuts in benefit programs.

The disconnect in the talks with the White House was “not because of different personalities but because of different visions for our country,” he said, and he announced he would now seek agreement with leaders of the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Obama was having none of that, announcing instead a morning White House meeting where he said he expected to hear proposed solutions from the top leaders of both parties in both houses.

Read the whole thing here. Unfortunately, this bears repeating; the Executive and Legislative Branches are separate, but equal branches of government. Obama cannot “order” them to do anything.

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