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Palin: If We Were Really Terrorists, Obama Might Want to Pal Around With Us

On August 2nd, 2011 at 11:31 pm, old goat said:

I studied terrorism back in the dark ages–maybe it was a shadow of things to come? Love American History too. Have become a lot of things this week. Hobbit, TEAorist, what next?

Thanks for posting the clip Doug. I do enjoy Sarah’s sharp and quick wit. Continue reading

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Weinergate: The Moment Democrats Lost Control of the Debt Ceiling Narrative

Then Weinergate happened–and Weiner, unwisely, kept it going. And on June 2, in the midst of the scandal, Moody’s became the second credit ratings agency to warn of a possible downgrade of U.S. debt. In April, the White House had dismissed Standard & Poor’s warning of a possible U.S. downgrade. By June 2, that was no longer possible. Continue reading

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