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Obama Launches Another Snitch Police Squad

At least one member of Congress has started asking questions. Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn sent a letter to President Obama demanding that he disband the Internet Snitch Brigade immediately: “By requesting citizens send ‘fishy’ emails to the White House, it is inevitable that the names, email, addresses, IP addresses and private speech of U.S. citizens will be reported to the White House,” Sen. Cornyn wrote. “You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program.” Continue reading

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An Economic Message from the Census Bureau: We’re Screwed

Even the rich have suffered (really). While median incomes stagnated in the 2000s, the highest-earning Americans saw their incomes grow throughout the decade. The recession and its aftermath have wiped out those income gains at the top. In 2010, income at the lower bound of the top 10 percent of earners was $138,923 — a 3.5 percent drop from its pre-recession peak. Continue reading

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Rush: Bachmann Really Jumped the Shark on Gardasil

If the argument is that Gardasil was not ready for large-scale usage, then it’s not just about the mandate or the connections to Merck. The same argument against the mandate also apply in this case to taxpayer funding for massive vaccinations, do they not? And in this case, it’s the taxpayers who didn’t get to decide whether they wanted 12-year-old girls injected with a supposedly questionable vaccine at their expense, for a virus that isn’t easily spread through mandated proximity such as school attendance. Continue reading

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