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Of Plans and People

It’s not a question of the D.C. conservative movement having money: between 2007 and the end of 2011, the dozen largest or so of the D.C. conservative think tanks will have raised somewhere in the area of a billion dollars (with the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute alone having raised, if their current fundraising trajectory stays the same in 2011, a combined $550 million over that period). With these massive amounts of money being plowed into primarily intellectual capital, there’ve been enough white papers written to sink a few ocean liners and depopulate a few old-growth forests to boot—and that’s just in the last few years. Continue reading

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Clinton on Obama’s Economic Performance: ‘Got a Very Difficult Hand to Play’

“He became president just a few months after the financial crash. Now, keep in mind, even before the financial crash, in the eight years before the financial crash, we had almost no new jobs. Only 10% as many as we had when I was President…. Historically these things take five years to get over. And a year after the President took office, the final figures came in and it turned out that the crash was even worse than anybody thought….There’s no American alive except the people who are old enough to remember the great depression, and there are not many of them, who remember what it’s like to go through a financial crash, which normally takes four to five years to get over. So he’s got a very difficult hand to play. “ Continue reading

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