Scott Walker Taunted with Nazi Salute at Christmas Tree Ceremony

Brett Healy


Posted Dec 2nd 2011 at 1:59 pm

by Brett Healy

Every day, a new low.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker says he’s used to pro-government labor union protesters showing up at every one of his public appearances. So it was no surprise that a few dozen were on hand at something as noncontroversial as the lighting of the Capitol Christmas Tree. But did some of these protesters display the Nazi salute as Walker began to speak?

Here is a still photo, from a different vantage point, which was posted by Republican State Senator Alberta Darling on her Facebook Page.  The Senator wrote: In addition to turning their backs on not just Scott Walker, but also some of our brave veterans; protestors thought it was amusing to give a Nazi salute at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Just disgusting.

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