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The First Birthers Were Progressive Democrats

For the record, again, I believe that His Presidency is a natural born American citizen. Why? because without evidence to the contrary, the conspiracy I am expected to believe is just too grand. Too many people would have to be keeping the secret. Good luck with that. Continue reading

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Donald Trump Birther Comments a ‘Sideshow,’ Obama Adviser Says

Trump has drawn attention in recent weeks by questioning the authenticity of official documents showing Obama was born in Hawaii — appealing to a fringe movement that suspects Obama was not born in the United States. Most mainstream politicians have rejected this conspiracy theory as hokum, but Trump has embraced it. Continue reading

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Palin: Obama’s birth certificate is fair game; Update: Transcript added

Obama’s birth certificate is like “the hacked” emails on global warming. Sooner or later those emails were bound to come out. Therefore, sooner or later, Obama’s REAL birth certificate will come out, also. Continue reading

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