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Cleaning Up Obama’s Mess in the Gulf

One thing they should not do is halt the exploration for oil. The economy of the gulf relies heavily on oil exploration and The Heritage Foundation recommends President Obama end the moratorium on drilling. It is a knee-jerk reaction that has devastating long-term consequences. The list also calls for common sense solutions like not cutting the Coast Guard’s budget, and temporarily waiving EPA regulations that make no sense in these desperate times. Continue reading

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Obama Gives Political Speech Not Presidential Address on Oil Spill

First, the fingerpointing. From the White House transcript:

One place we’ve already begun to take action is at the agency in charge of regulating drilling and issuing permits, known as the Minerals Management Service. Over the last decade, this agency has become emblematic of a failed philosophy that views all regulation with hostility — a philosophy that says corporations should be allowed to play by their own rules and police themselves. At this agency, industry insiders were put in charge of industry oversight. Oil companies showered regulators with gifts and favors, and were essentially allowed to conduct their own safety inspections and write their own regulations. (FloppingAces) Continue reading

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Copenhagen Is The ‘Social Justice’ Moment

Did you know the environmental movement is not just about being a good steward of your environment so that you may, to the best of your ability, pass on an inhabitable planet to future generations? Nope. [Former WH Czar Van Jones espoused "social justice" as an avowed communist.] Continue reading

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Weird science: East Anglia CRU threw out their raw data

The UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) was forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation. Continue reading

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Cross-Examining the Climate Change Scammers

But certainly asking leading climate change cheerleader Phil Jones about his email describing his use of a “trick” to describe the manipulation of observed temperature data to “hide the decline” in order to achieve the desired result would be amusing: Continue reading

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Barbara Boxer’s Cap-and-Trade Energy Tax Won’t Work

Senator Barbara Boxer is in charge of pushing the Cap-and-Trade energy tax scheme through the Senate. She says that Cap-and-Trade will create American jobs and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. She is wrong on both counts. Continue reading

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Gov. Perry: Cap-And-Trade Would Harm Texas

Perry, contending that the climate bill would mean “economic disaster” in Texas, said the state is encouraging alternative energy sources while improving the environment. Continue reading

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