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Surprise! Warren Buffett’s Company Has $1 Billion Federal Tax Obligation

Yes, Mr. Buffett has entered his ninth decade of this mortal coil as somewhat of a folk hero to progressives and leftists who would normally be revolted by a multimillionaire investor. But Buffett (whose many holdings include the GEICO insurance company) has purchased a little media insurance by speaking out against his own tax rates and has practically begged the government to take more of his money and money from the rest of us who are business owners and are trying to be next decade’s Warren Buffett. Continue reading

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The Liberal Tax Revolt: Is it a Game-Changer?

When Tim Geithner told me in a CNBC interview a few weeks ago about his 20-20 rule for the top tax rate on capital gains and dividends, I blogged that this was a good thing — in particular the story for dividend taxes, which could go to 39.6 percent. But no increase at all on investment taxes would be even better. Continue reading

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