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Action Alert: Rein In The Rogue NLRB

While the Obama administration doesn’t seem to want to listen to small business owners, other leaders in D.C. will get the message. So sign a petition to top national leaders via Halt The Assault or contact your Member of Congress to support commonsense legislation to make the playing field fair once again (Americans For Prosperity’s site can help if you wish to support the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act). Continue reading

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Top 10 Failures of Obamanomics

6. Financial Regulation
The recently passed financial regulation legislation did nothing to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two mortgage giants that helped trigger the financial crisis. It did, however, guarantee future bailouts of large companies that fail, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for private companies’ mismanagement. In the end, government control of America’s financial system will help London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Shanghai and other foreign financial centers while killing jobs and reducing economic activity in the United States. Predictably, four out of five Americans believe the legislation will not help avoid another crisis, a Bloomberg poll found. Continue reading

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Four States Can Stop Lame Duck Threat

In Illinois, Mark Kirk will be the Republican nominee for both the special election to complete President Obama’s term in the lame duck and the new six-year term to start in January. Kirk, like Castle, voted for cap-and-trade in the House last year. Unlike Castle, however, Kirk is now publicly committed to opposing cap-and-trade, and has even put that commitment in writing by signing the http://www.NoClimateTax.com pledge. He should go further and make a clear public commitment to oppose any policy change in the lame duck. Continue reading

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