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Media Bigotry: Al Sharpton, Nancy Grace, and Alec Baldwin Still On TV

[Breitbart.com] From what I understand of the situation involving disgraced cooking queen Paula Deen, after being robbed three decades ago, she privately used the N-word. Deen has admitted to this. In depositions, she also admitted to telling jokes about gays, blacks, Jews, and “rednecks.” Everything else is hearsay involving a lawsuit and media interpretations of what is being said in the actual depositions. Continue reading

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Another Oscar Night Wasted

[Spectator.org] Sunday – I am not quite sure who Seth McFarlane is, but he must be important, because he was the host of the Oscars show last night. He managed to be the most offensive host I have ever seen on an awards show. He looks sane, but there is something wrong with him, or maybe it’s that the producers asked the writers to be really offensive, and the writers produced offensive material, and Seth McFarlane just blithely read it. Continue reading

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‘Pawn Stars’ ex-agents suing for $5 million day after ‘Storage Wars’ star files suit

[FoxNews.com] First, Dave Hester sued the network, claiming “Storage Wars” was staged. Now the network’s History Channel division has its own lawsuit brewing over its hit show “Pawn Stars.” A talent agency has filed a lawsuit against The History Channel, TMZ reported, claiming they signed on to represent the cast of “Pawn Stars” back in 2007 and 2009 and were terminated after the show hit the air. Continue reading

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Beck to Announce New Radio Deal (Report — $100 Million Contract)

[TheBlaze.com] If you love listening to Glenn Beck on the radio, and many, many millions of you do, you will get to do so for years to come.

The news about Beck’s radio show hit the New York Times Sunday evening:

His company, Mercury Radio Arts, will announce on Monday that it has renewed its contract with Premiere Networks, keeping “The Glenn Beck Program” in syndication for five more years. Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Occupy Wall Street Is a Joke

Arrests: Unlike the Tea Party rallies, there have been numerous arrests at the Occupy protests, as the crowds ignore city ordinances about overnight camping on public property. Nearly a thousand were arrested in New York for blocking the Brooklyn Bridge, snarling traffic for those who work for a living, and hundreds have been taken into custody in Chicago, Boston and other cities. Continue reading

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