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Boots on the ground in Iraq

[HumanEvents.com] Back we go into Baghdad, in a mission whose difficulty will reinforce the importance of the status-of-forces agreement Barack Obama didn’t get. We’re (initially) sending a few hundred troops to adapt to a volatile situation that probably could have been avoided without firing a shot, if a small force of well-established US troops had been on station when ISIS decided to play “Road Warrior” with Mosul. Continue reading

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Obama on VA Scandal: We Will Get to the Bottom of This [Just empty words!]

[Townhall.com] Townhall has been all over the unfolding VA scandal. All told, whistleblowers and insiders from nine VA facilities (and counting) have come forward with allegations that veterans were subjected to unacceptable wait times and suboptimal care. Today the president invited Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki to the White House for a private meeting, presumably to discuss these revelations, announcing beforehand that he would release a statement directly afterwards. Here’s what he said: Continue reading

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Officer imprisoned for challenging Obama tells story

[WND.com] Lt. Col. Lakin sacrificed career, freedom ‘to defend the Constitution’

“Officer’s Oath: Why My Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded That I Sacrifice My Career” is Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s moving first-hand account of faith and patriotism that led to court-martial, imprisonment and the stripping of all military rank and privileges, including his Army pension. Continue reading

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Battle-scarred judge says Lakin decision ignores Constitution

Paul Jensen, Lakin’s civilian attorney, argued lawful military orders come from the commander in chief, and those military orders are illegal if the authority behind them is fraudulent. He wanted the court to grant access to the president’s birth and educational records.

Jensen filed a “motion to compel,” which asked the court to subpoena officials at the Department of Health in Hawaii to produce a formal birth certificate. The motion also requested access to the president’s school records in Hawaii, Occidental College and Harvard University.

Jensen cited UCMJ article 46, which states: “The trial counsel, and the court martial s Continue reading

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