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Deneen Borelli: America’s New Rosa Parks

[American Spectator] Blacklash released in paperback as Dr. Ben Carson attacked by Johns Hopkins leftists. If America were a bus, Deneen Borelli would be the new Rosa Parks. Borelli is the very model of a human being, an African American and a woman who is just plain tired up to here at all of the back of the bus treatment dished by liberals — black and white alike — to conservatives who happen to be black. Continue reading

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The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin: What She Believes and What It Means for America (Book Review)

In any other time, The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin might become a movie of the week, but mainly because the central figure is so attractive, so sunny, and so indomitable, not because she’s the freak that the cultural elites make her out to be. She can handle a gun and a board meeting. Her frontier ways and her recognizably authentic Christian values are mainstream and main street values. She has taken on big challenges, and her beliefs and personal strength have helped her succeed in most of them, even against serious opposition. Most Americans at least try to live out values similar to those of Sarah Palin without even really thinking about it. Continue reading

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