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Brim Beanie Bandit robs sixth bank, this time in Dedham

[Boston.com] A surveillance camera photo of the Brim Beanie Bandit during one of his earlier capers. FBI A surveillance camera photo of the Brim Beanie Bandit during one of his earlier capers. Continue reading

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Family of armed robbery suspect annoyed that bystander shot him

[DailyCaller.com] The family of an armed robbery suspect is ticked off that a “Good Samaritan” shot their kin while he attempted to rob a dollar store in Mobile, Ala. Continue reading

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Ryan Ferguson Update: Conviction vacated for Mo. man jailed nearly 10 years for murder he says he didn’t commit

(CBS) KANSAS CITY, Mo. – An appeals court has vacated the murder conviction of Ryan Ferguson, the 29-year-old Mo. man imprisoned for nearly a decade for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Continue reading

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Shooting at Conservative Family Research Council

(CNSNews.com) – A male security guard at the Family Research Council was shot in the arm on Wednesday morning, at the group’s office on the 800 block of G street in Northwest Washington. The suspected shooter has been caught and is in custody. Continue reading

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Thieves Raid Lincoln’s Tomb, Steal Copper Sword

CBS reports that a security guard had been posted overnight after a 1987 incident in which racist graffiti was spray-painted on the tomb, but budget cuts ended that position within a few years of the incident. Five teenagers were arrested for the graffiti. Blanchette told the Journal-Register that the tomb suffers an incident of vandalism about once every decade. Continue reading

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It’s Wrong to Steal…Even When the Government Does It Using Asset Forfeiture

New York businessman James Lieto was an innocent bystander in a fraud investigation last year. Federal agents seized $392,000 of his cash anyway. An armored-car firm hired by Mr. Lieto to carry money for his check-cashing company got ensnared in the FBI probe. Agents seized about $19 million—including Mr. Lieto’s money—from vaults belonging to the armored-car firm’s parent company. He is one among thousands of Americans in recent decades who have had a jarring introduction to the federal system of asset seizure. Some 400 federal statutes—a near-doubling, by one count, since the 1990s—empower the government to take assets from convicted criminals as well as people never charged with a crime. …The forfeiture system has opponents across the political spectrum, including representatives of groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union on the left and the Heritage Foundation on the right. They argue it represents a widening threat to innocent people. “We are paying assistant U.S. attorneys to carry out the theft of property from often the most defenseless citizens,” given that people sometimes have limited resources to fight a seizure after their assets are taken, says David Smith, a former Justice Department forfeiture official and now a forfeiture lawyer in Alexandria, Va. Continue reading

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Arizona’s Immigration Law Supporters Find Solace in Remaining Provisions

“We have a big problem with day laborers standing on the street disrupting traffic, disrupting communities, scaring people, and that part of the law withstood constitutionality,” Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh told Fox News. “We’ll be able to clean up that mess.”

Kavanagh also praised the other sections of the law that were not blocked. Continue reading

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