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The END GAME is Socialism/Marxism, then Communism [Don't Be Fooled!]

Glenn Beck was right. The book “The Coming Insurrection”, which has been the blue print for rebellion in Europe is coming to our shores. Beck claims this is the “last phase.” The only element that is missing is killings. That’s incredible! But that’s what they want! They want a repetition of the 1960s riots in LA, the killing of a student at Kent State University! They THINK they can pull it off, UNLESS WE ARE WISE ENOUGH TO PREVENT THEM BY IGNORING THEM. They can only succeed if the general public joins in with them so the TOP can come down as the BOTTOM (the people) rise up. Continue reading

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Amid Unrest, Egyptian Christians Fear for Their Future

“The Muslim Brotherhood has a long-term commitment to establishing an Islamic state under Shariah rule in Egypt,” Nina Shea, Director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute, told FoxNews.Com. “The Copts and other Christians should be worried. They would be reduced to ‘dhimmi’ status – denied the right to celebrate Christmas and weddings or otherwise publicly display their faith.” Continue reading

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