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Pelosi Economic Advisor Also a Business Partner

Pelosi has advanced at least one bill that would have been beneficial to an investment her husband has with Hambrecht, but that doesn’t appear to violate House rules either. Continue reading

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WaPo fails to disclose contributor’s connection to Obama WH

A week after a Washington Post blogger was forced to resign, in part, because conservatives felt that the paper wasn’t properly labeling his political ideology, an examination of West Wing payroll statistics by RAW STORY reveals that the Post is failing to disclose another blogger’s connection to the White House.

The Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports Friday, “More than 460 White House employees are paid a combined $38.7 million in salary, according to White House payroll statistics released Thursday as part of an annual report to Congress.”

“Three people — an adviser, a policy adviser and a special assistant — work for free,” O’Keefe notes, withou Continue reading

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