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Valour-IT 2012 — Saluting all United States Military Personnel; Happy 4th of July!

[FloppingAces.net] As America celebrates her independence, Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT is fighting to save a program that gives a bit of independence to severely-wounded veterans.

In the last seven years, Project Valour-IT has supplied over 6,000 voice-controlled and other adaptive laptops to severely wounded American troops, but that work could soon come to an end. Every week brings more wounded heroes home from the battlefield, but donations are not keeping pace with their needs. Over 70 wounded warriors are currently waiting for a Valour-IT laptop, with 10 new requests coming in each week. Continue reading

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Beware Today’s Fourth of July Parade: It Will Make You a Republican!

Besides offering up tendentious conclusions, an overall confusion of causation and correlation, and a strange reliance upon parade-day precipitation as an important factor in their study, the co-authors miss what much of academia today misunderstands about American patriotism. Less than preference of one political party over another, or a penchant for political pomp and circumstance, American patriotism is about the love of a country whose achievement is, as Abraham Lincoln said, “Liberty to all.” Continue reading

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