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How’s That New Civility Workin’ Fer Ya?

Union thugs, Democrat activists, and angry protesters have taken over the State Capitol in Wisconsin, while their Democrat elected officials have run scared, left the state and are intentionally ignoring their responsibility as representatives. Oh, they have plenty of time to take their case to the media and have appeared on numerous activist old media programs where they are given cover and safely protected from their responsibilities. Why won’t the media ask any of these 14 Democrats hiding in their “undisclosed location” what they think about the uncivil mood of the protesters they have encouraged, or why they won’t come out of their hole in the ground and return to do their jobs? Continue reading

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Arianna [Huffpo] Disses Free Speech

INSIDER EXTREME: This month’s Fusion magazine is the Scariest Issue Ever—whether it’s because of Halloween, or what is going on in Washington D.C. has yet to be decided. The online version of October’s issue is NOW AVAILABLE and included in your membership along with archived versions from previous months. Gain online access to Fusion, exclusive documentaries, Czar-at-Large Brian Sack episodes, Beck University classes and so much more by signing up for Insider Extreme now! Continue reading

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Will Senate Democrats Stifle Free Speech?

The Democrats in the House of Representatives managed to pass a version of the DISCLOSE Act before the Fourth of July recess. Senate Democrats have been unable to move their bill forward and are being remarkably tight-lipped regarding their plans to advance the bill. Senator Schumer and Senator Harry Reid will probably take drastic action to force a floor vote on the DISCLOSE Act. We must stay focused and ensure that they do not abridge First Amendment rights during this brief summer session. Continue reading

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Support the First Amendment with 1 for All

Born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve spent the past few months trying to wrap my head around the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent massive oil spill that is now ruining the coastline from Louisiana to Florida. At times, I have to turn off the news, as the images of dying wildlife hit me deep in my gut. Continue reading

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