Project Gunrunner was funded by … the stimulus [Corrupt Leadership]

Actually, as Ed reminds me via e-mail, this is old news. The boss emeritus was all over the stimulus angle to Gunrunner back in March. But since only recently has this story really begun to bubble, replete with growing big-media interest, stuff we already knew is becoming stuff we forgot and then remembered and became horrified at all over again. Rather than have me bore you here, then, take five minutes and read Michelle’s post. The One was asked about Operation Fast and Furious at the time — which is under the umbrella of Gunrunner — and insisted that neither he nor Holder authorized it. In that case, I’m really looking forward to finding out which member(s) of Congress decided to earmark $10 million for Gunrunner and what they thought would be done with the money. Someone in the executive branch must have requested the funding for the ATF. Who? Continue reading

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