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Record Number of Americans Receiving Food Stamp Benefits

The number of Americans receiving federal aid through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps, soared to a record 40.8 million in May, according to government data released shortly before the Senate voted to cut billions from the food stamps budget.

The Senate voted Thursday to cut $12 billion from the program in order to help fund a $26 billion package to help states avoid teacher layoffs. Continue reading

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61% of Americans Against Democrat’s Nationalized Health Care Bill


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Obama czar: U.S. was ‘apartheid regime’

Stated [Van] Jones: “We forget sometimes that the people who poured out their blood on the ground in this country, to turn an apartheid regime into a struggling, fledgling democracy, the so-called civil rights workers, when they went to face the dogs, when they went to face the fire hoses, when they sat shivering in cold jail cells soaked in blood, when they faced lynch mobs, when they found their children shot down in the street, they didn’t march at laundromats , they didn’t march at high school gymnasiums. Continue reading

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Common Sense vs. the CBO on ObamaCare

This is just one example, but importantly, note that under the House bill, the lower the average wage base of the employer, the more cost effective it would be for the employer to pay the 8% penalty rather than offer insurance coverage. In fact, an average wage base of $50K is probably close to the tipping point. An employer with average wages much lower than this would likely find it less expensive to not provide insurance for their employees. Continue reading

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Congress, We Don’t Trust You With Health Care At All

As the debate rages on, it is clear that the American public does not trust the Congress, period. The army of lobbyists and special interests negotiating various carve outs, mandates and other special privileges into the 2000 page nightmare has Americans justifiably in nearly full rebellion. Continue reading

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ACORN Still Owes $2.3 Million in Overdue Taxes

ACORN and its affiliates currently owe more than $2.3 million in long overdue back taxes to all levels of government. Continue reading

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The Real Axis of Evil: Washington, the Fed, and Wall Street

Small businesses create most of the new jobs in our economy, but the agenda in Washington has been hostile to small businesses, with increased regulations and threats of new taxes. They have provided no incentives for small businesses to invest and grow. Continue reading

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