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MARXIST IRS TACTIC: Dr. Ben Carson says IRS targeted him for his anti-Obama comments

[FoxNews.com] WASHINGTON – Dr. Ben Carson, the former surgeon who criticized President Obama over his lack of leadership and health care plan earlier this year, now claims he was unfairly targeted by the IRS because of his comments against the administration. Continue reading

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The shutdown paradigm

[HumanEvents.com] There are understandable concerns about how the government shutdown could hurt Republicans, especially with the media wholly in the tank for Democrats. (Any reporter who doesn’t accurately report that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shut the government down is in the tank for Democrats; it is a matter of objective fact. It’s fair enough to explain why, because he didn’t like any of the proposals coming from Republicans… but that kind of honest reporting would not produce the desired response from Low Information Voters. The media covers for Obama a lot, but they’re constantly throwing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak over Harry Reid.) Continue reading

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[An Unstable] Obama leaving door open to Syria strike, even if Congress votes no

[FoxNews.com] President Obama apparently is leaving the door open to moving ahead with a military strike on Syria even if Congress votes against it, adding to the confusion over the president’s evolving position. The president, in a surprise decision Saturday, announced he would seek a vote in Congress on launching a military attack against the Assad regime. Continue reading

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[Race Baiter Harry] Reid ‘hopes’ opposition to Obama ‘based on substance’ not ‘the fact that he’s African-American’

[HumanEvents.com] “My counterpart, Mitch McConnell, said at the the beginning of the presidency of Barack Obama that he had one goal — and that is to defeat Obama and make sure he wasn’t re-elected. And that’s how they legislate in the Senate. It was really bad. And we’re now seven months into this second term of the president’s and they haven’t changed much. Continue reading

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You get the feeling absolutely nothing Obama says is the truth?

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama has described al Qaeda as having been “decimated,” “on the path to defeat” or some other variation at least 32 times since the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, according to White House transcripts. This comes despite Libyan President Mohamed Yousef El-Magarief, members of Congress, an administration spokesperson, and several press reports suggesting that al Qaeda played a role in the attack. Continue reading

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NB’s Bozell: Media Peddling False ‘Grand Bargain’ Meme Regarding Obama Tax Cut Offer

[Newsbusters.org] Even though President Obama promised a cut in the corporate income tax on the campaign trail in 2012, the media are playing up as a “grand concession” or “grand bargain” his offer to Republicans to cut the federal levy in exchange for a boatload of new deficit spending — and hidden taxes. On Tuesday evening, Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto brought NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on his eponymous program to discuss this latest way in which the media are misleading the American people and helping to uncritically further the president’s talking points on the economy. Continue reading

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NPR Runs Ad-like ‘Report’ on Group Promoting ObamaCare

[Newsbusters.org] NPR health policy correspondent Julie Rovner has a bad habit of stacking the deck in her stories, frequently giving the liberal side several times as much time as conservatives. During NPR’s June 21 Morning Edition, Rovner appeared to be aiming for a personal record in tipping the scales for a piece about the group Enroll America. Rovner gave almost 15 times as much time for the group’s case than against it. Continue reading

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Column: Mounting controversies are all about trust

[MyWayNews.com] WASHINGTON (AP) – As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to bring a different, better kind of leadership to the dysfunctional capital. He’d make government more efficient, accountable and transparent. He’d rise above the “small-ball” nature of doing business. And he’d work with Republicans to break Washington paralysis. Continue reading

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Independents blame White House for IRS scandal

[DailyCaller.com] A clear majority of independents, and even a plurality of Democrats, believe high-ranking IRS officials were aware of the agency’s harassment of conservatives’ political organizing, according to a new Gallup poll.The poll’s results are risky for Obama, whose political approval rate has remained relatively high, despite the lousy economy, because of his relatively high personal ratings. Continue reading

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Backfire: ABC, CNN, NBC Call for White House to Release Libya Emails

[Breitbart.com] Assuming they are the ones who leaked to CNN an email written by Ben Rhoades (a Deputy National Security Advisor close to the President), the White House might have been too clever by half Tuesday. An act that was obviously meant to pour water on the Benghazi fire started by an ABC News report, has only ended up being gasoline. Now both CNN and ABC have joined conservative media in calling for the White House to release all the emails surrounding the editing of the CIA talking points. Continue reading

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