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Why immigration? What About the Oilbama Spill Crisis?

Why isn’t the President of the United States working on the problem 24/7? Why isn’t the President of the United States accepting help from the myriad offers from allied nations? Where is the BP war room? And why isn’t the POTUS in it? We should not be subjected any more of his speechifying and verbal diarrhea until he orchestrates the solution to the gulf crisis. Continue reading

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The Coming Resignation of Barack Obama

Months ago, I predicted in this column that President Obama would so discredit himself in office that he wouldn’t even be on the ballot in 2012, let alone have a prayer of being reelected. Like President Johnson in 1968, who had won a much bigger victory four years previously than Obama did in 2008, President Obama will be so politically defunct by 2012 that he won’t even try to run for reelection. Continue reading

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