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Bellwether: Santorum blows past Gingrich in Pennsylvania, now leads Romney by one

Super Tuesday will likely be tougher for [Romney]. Four of the five largest states — Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Georgia — are Southern (or in Oklahoma’s case, culturally Southern). Romney will likely win Virginia by default, but he will probably fare poorly in the remaining three. If Gingrich can maintain his strength in the South, he will likely win them. Continue reading

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Airlifts Take Food, Water to Vermont Towns Cut-Off by Irene Floods

In a deluge that caught many communities off guard, Irene dumped up to 11 inches of rain in some places in Vermont, turning placid mountain streams into roaring brown torrents that smashed buildings and ripped homes from their foundations. At least three people died in Vermont. Continue reading

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PPP: Obama endorsement hurts Dem candidates… in Illinois

The GOP holds a 48-39 generic-ballot advantage among likely voters in the Keystone State. In Illinois, Democrats are in safer territory, defending no more than three swing seats and holding a 46-40 lead over the Republican Party. Nearly all of the tenuous Democratic seats in both states, however, are in heavily white, suburban, exurban, or small-city districts that voted for George W. Bush in both 2000 and 2004, and they could show an even greater Republican trend than the overall statewide figure. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania: Palin 24, Gingrich 23, Huckabee 20

Amazingly, in both crosstabs, Palin’s either tied for the lead or clearly ahead among liberal Republicans. I have no explanation for that, especially the 10-point advantage in Pennsylvania. The only thing I can think of is that the sample size of that group might be extraordinarily small. Note that the results in Pennsylvania are split perfectly evenly in 10-point chunks. Did they sample 10 liberal Republicans, with Palin the choice of three of them? Not sure. Exit question via Mediaite: Is this man our next president? Continue reading

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