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Jobless claims still mainly staying the same

Actually, “many economists” put that level at 325,000 for sustained job growth past the addition of 100,000 new working-age Americans being added from population growth each month. Otherwise, they’re mainly correct about the stagnation in initial jobless claims this year. The 457,000 figure from today is almost identical to the 456,000 figure from the first week of January, and the trendline is remarkably stable: Continue reading

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Polls: Obama Sinks As Does The Number Of Democrats

…after a turbulent year of rancorous politics, rising war casualties in Afghanistan and unemployment now above 10%, 5% fewer Americans are calling themselves Democrats. Continue reading

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Obama’s Approval Continues to Crater!

Call it sticker shock, bait and switch, disguised socialism, marxism in a can, you got what he paid for, buyer’s remorse… I didn’t vote for him; we conservatives saw this coming, we made loud noises but the “state controlled media” called the MSM got your eyes and eyes! Continue reading

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Republicans assail health care bill, Democrats set Saturday night test vote on Senate measure

I wish the reporters would quit writing dem cheerleading pieces… They always seem to show their true colors by printing language that shows their view. Like: “With President Barack Obama pledging to tamp … read more down RUINOUS health care costs,”….. emphasis added by me. Even the title of the article is slanted. Notice there are no quotes in it. Continue reading

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Dems finally notice flight of independents

A Gallup Poll released last week offered a disturbing glimpse about the state of play: just 14 percent of independents approve of the job Congress is doing, the lowest figure all year. In just the past few days alone, surveys have shown Democratic incumbents trailing Republicans among independent voters by double-digit margins in competitive statewide contests in places as varied as Connecticut, Ohio and Iowa. Continue reading

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Shocking numbers: Real unemployment tops 22%

In his 25-year financial services career, Corsi has been a noted financial services speaker and writer, publishing three books and numerous articles in professional financial services journals and magazines. Continue reading

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