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Palin: If We Were Really Terrorists, Obama Might Want to Pal Around With Us

On August 2nd, 2011 at 11:31 pm, old goat said:

I studied terrorism back in the dark ages–maybe it was a shadow of things to come? Love American History too. Have become a lot of things this week. Hobbit, TEAorist, what next?

Thanks for posting the clip Doug. I do enjoy Sarah’s sharp and quick wit. Continue reading

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Media outlets that sued over transparency suddenly quiet over off-the-record luncheon

There are a couple of notable exceptions. The New York Times refused to attend the event, and for good reason. The Gray Lady wants more public interaction with the President, who has been remarkably shy about holding press conferences. He has only held two in the past year, the Gulf spill event that Obama couldn’t avoid, and the infamous July 2009 prime-time press conference in which he accused Cambridge, Massachusetts police of “acting stupidly” without bothering to learn the facts of the arrest of Henry “Skip” Gates. Continue reading

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Would Washington Let America Tumble?

It seems quite wrong to watch a country forged by such selfless greatness as this, tumble so swiftly into an abysmal mediocrity born of an “idiotic cerebral meritocracy,” and a tawdry old electoral bait-and-switch.

It is even worse to contemplate that the tumble was assisted through the willful surrender of a so-called “free press” (to an unknown entity it preferred to dress-up, rather than examine) and by a citizenry so complacent it was content to be lied to, because it is easier to absorb a soundbite than to read a primary-source document. Continue reading

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