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Senate Democrats View 2012 with Trepidation

Among those who are vowing to fight for their seats, there is a noticeable distancing from the current administration. Although McCaskill voted with President Obama on health care, Wall Street regulation and stimulus spending she is now highlighting her willingness to break from Washington when it’s necessary to protect her constituents. “I have gone against my party more frequently than almost anyone else in the Democratic Caucus,” McCaskill notes. Continue reading

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Will Senate Democrats Stifle Free Speech?

The Democrats in the House of Representatives managed to pass a version of the DISCLOSE Act before the Fourth of July recess. Senate Democrats have been unable to move their bill forward and are being remarkably tight-lipped regarding their plans to advance the bill. Senator Schumer and Senator Harry Reid will probably take drastic action to force a floor vote on the DISCLOSE Act. We must stay focused and ensure that they do not abridge First Amendment rights during this brief summer session. Continue reading

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Lieberman Finds Stride in Senate as the Democrats’ Maverick

Updated November 14, 2009 From: FOXNews.com by Judson Berger Sen. Joe Lieberman is emerging as a big factor in the health care reform debate, and he is poised to lead an investigation into the Fort Hood shooting. He still draws … Continue reading

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