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Obama’s joint-session effort yet another attempt at The Big Speech effect

Does it have to be a rerun? No. Obama could seize control of the narrative by offering something new, concrete, and effective. The best way to do that would be to unleash American energy exploration, extraction, and production, but Obama opposes that too fundamentally to make that shift. He could also repeal ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank and put a leash on the EPA and NLRB, but he’s counting on regulatory adventurism to accomplish his agenda now that Congress will block it. Don’t expect any wiggle on the two areas that are wreaking the most damage on the economy. Continue reading

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About China’s high-speed rail edge…

None of us should be surprised at the failure of China’s high-speed rail, but we’d better all learn a lesson from it. Nineteenth-century transportation systems are not the answer for our transportation infrastructure, especially when air service is faster, cheaper, much more flexible, and self-supporting. We need to stop the federal government from attempting these social engineering projects and focus on spending reductions. If politicians like playing with trains, let them buy a Lionel set like all the other little boys and girls. Continue reading

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