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First Solar CEO grilled for dumping stock after taxpayer loan

[HumanEvents.com] First Solar chairman of the board Michael Ahearn, who was once CEO of that fabled “green energy” disaster, hopped on his corporate jet and flew to Washington this week, for a nostalgic look back at President Obama’s “investments” held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. I asked House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa if Ahearn’s jet was solar-powered, or perhaps powered by lightning strikes like the one used by France’s new socialist president Francoise Hollande, but the busy Chairman hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Continue reading

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Obama Officials Defend Solar Loan to Bankrupt Firm as Emails Show Past Concerns

Jonathan Silver, director of the Energy Department’s energy loan office, also said a combination of factors — namely China flooding the marketplace with cheap solar panels and the European buying market tightening as a result of their economic troubles — has caused solar-cell prices to plummet. Continue reading

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