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Illegal Immigration And Gangs: Someday Our Cities Will Burn Because We Didn’t Protect Our Borders

[Infowars.com] Did you know that the number of illegal immigrants that enter Texas each week is greater than the number of babies being born to citizens of that state? The mainstream media is shining the spotlight very brightly on all of the children that are coming over, and there is a reason for that. They are trying to tug on our heartstrings. Continue reading

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Former Holder Chief of Staff Nomination to Court Imperiled Over ‘Fast and Furious’

“During my tenure as chief of staff and counselor to the attorney general, I took no actions in regard to, had no knowledge of, provided no advice about, and had no involvement in Operation Fast and Furious,” he wrote. Ohlson wrote he did participate in a prep session with Holder on Fast and Furious earlier this month before Holder testified to Congress. Continue reading

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