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SEIU’s Manifesto? Stephen Lerner Doubles Down on Crippling America’s Economic System

The Potential Power of Private-Sector Unions—Bargaining for the Greater Good: Collective bargaining can’t only be about improving wages and grievance procedures for union members — it must become a tool for fixing broken industries, creating jobs and revitalizing communities, creating economic opportunity, and altering business practices that exploit communities and pollute the environment. Historically, unions have narrowed what we fight for in moments of weakness. But unions, collective bargaining, and organizing make less and less sense the more we narrow the scope of what we are trying to achieve. By expanding what we’re mobilizing for, unions can politicize and transform narrow bargaining into a vehicle to make unions relevant again and rebuild the middle class. Continue reading

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No, Professor Dreier. ACORN Kicked Its Own Ass!

Dreier and Atlas advance the positively ludicrous argument that the New York Times –which for the most part refused to cover ACORN’s troubles – somehow had something to do with ACORN’s fall. Really, they argue that, presumably with a straight face.

But the Vast Right Wing ConspiracyTM really did ACORN in. Really. (BigGovernment.com) Continue reading

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The Future of Wade Rathke and ACORN, Part III: Wade Rathke Wants to Rule the World

What can the local, state, and federal government do right now to help the poor and middle class?

The answer that Rathke gave was both surprising and impressive. I expected him to rattle off several laws that could be implemented, maybe a moratorium on foreclosures, and other policy changes that he believed in. Instead, Rathke was practical and pithy. Continue reading

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