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U.S. warned China: We won’t hold South Korea back if the North provokes again

Is this really that surprising? Obama’s image on the right is as a peacenik, but this was the “peace” option in this case. Conciliation had produced multiple North Korean nuclear tests (with another on the way), new uranium enrichment facilities, the sinking of the Cheonan, and the surprise attack on Yeonpyeong last month. It wasn’t a deterrent anymore, if ever it was; on the contrary, the policy was making things more dangerous insofar as Northern provocations had begun to tip the South’s population towards belligerence. Time for Plan B, then — namely, outright Southern defiance of Northern threats backed by U.S. saber-rattling. That’s a huge risk given how unpredictable the NorKs are, but at this point, with the South’s leadership under intense political pressure to stand up to Northern bullying, it would have been a huger risk for the White House to back down. To believe that Obama wouldn’t grasp that, you’d have to believe that he and his team are simply too stupid to understand the risk calculus here. And remember, he did famously say in his Nobel acceptance speech that he faces the world as it is. That may not be true when it comes to, ahem, “bending the cost curve” in ObamaCare, but in this case it looks like it was. Continue reading

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