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Right to Work: A Basic American Freedom

These campaigns were utilized against my company and its employees by the Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”). These campaigns used as the union’s “Persuasion of Power,” a term originally coined by UAW President Owen Bieber in 1984, and later resurrected by former SEIU President Andy Stern during his tenure. Corporate Campaign tactics utilize Saul Alinsky’s motto “Ridicule is man’s Greatest Weapon”. They isolate the target and then use intimidation, ridicule, misinformation and intimidation to destroy it! The campaigns embrace the use of tactics, as recently exposed in a SEIU Contract Campaign Manual, designed to force employers to capitulate with union demands and sign a Neutrality Agreement. This onerous agreement eliminates employees right to a secret ballot election during union organizing campaigns, imposes “Card Check” and requires employers to provide a roster of all employees and their home addresses to union organizers. By use of the Neutrality Agreement, union organizers are able to bypass a neutral and independent election. Instead, the organizers are able to identify employees and “visit” them at their leisure, including at times and places private to the employee. This includes an employee’s home, where they can then utilize any tactics they wish, unmonitored by any government agencies. They can intimidate or otherwise force a bare majority (50 percent plus 1) of the employee population to sign union cards, at which time the employer is automatically unionized. The scheme is fraught with danger of abuse, intimidation, improprieties and misinformation. Continue reading

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