Flood of trial lawyer money to Corcoran may help shape GOP governor’s race

Why is Florida’s “conservative” Speaker of the House raising millions of dollars from progressive lawyers who advertise on television? House Speaker Richard Corcoran is no stranger to progressive sympathies, he openly does not support President Trump and has made millions personally working as a political insider prior to holding elected office. No surprise that social justice warriors and ambulance chasing lawyer types think he’s the best choice for Florida’s next governor.

From Politico Florida’s Matt Dixon:

TALLAHASSEE — As House Speaker Richard Corcoran openly flirts with a bid for governor, his early political fundraising haul has been buoyed by money pouring in from state trial lawyers and promises of future cash headed into 2018, a trend that could help shape the GOP primary messaging wars.

The money represents the unique political juxtaposition inherent in the public profile of the Land O’ Lakes Republican.

His brand, and the political lane he would run in for governor, is that of an uber-conservative Republican favored by many in the Koch brothers-type national networks. But he’s also an attorney who served briefly as a Florida Justice Association board member. Through that lens, he’s seen as a powerful advocate for FJA’s trial lawyer membership, which often support access to the court system over partisan affiliation.”

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